Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation employees fined and jailed   

Two Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation employees have been found guilty of accepting bribes for an estimated £1 million, over a period of five years, to forge electronic labour transactions for a company manager. The pair were found guilty of taking bribes for each application form that they assisted in processing, a total of 20,927 submissions. In addition, both employees were found guilty of charges of use of forged electronic documents and fraudulently obtaining funds. Two other defendants were also convicted of offering bribes and aiding and abetting. All four individuals were sentenced to three years imprisonment and jointly fined an estimated £850,000.

Telecom fraud results in £90,000 fine  

An accountant has been fined and sentenced to two years imprisonment following the ruling that he committed forgery with mobile phone devices and SIM card applications. Both the accountant and his accomplice have been ordered to pay fines of an estimated £100,000 and will then be deported.

Ex-CEO sentenced to 25 year's imprisonment

The former CEO of Deyaar has lost his appeals against convictions in two corruption cases, with the Court of Appeals upholding his 15 year jail sentence. The former CEO had been accused of embezzling funds and damaging the company's interests by causing the company to incur huge losses as a result of abusing his position.

Criminal Court sentences bankers to three year's imprisonment

Two bank employees have been sentenced to three year's imprisonment for assisting a bank client in fraudulently increasing his loan by an estimated £22,000. The two employees sought to deceive a senior bank officer to authorise the loan however rumours surrounding the employees prompted an internal investigation which led the fraudulent activity to be exposed.