On June 18, 2021, the Minister of the Environment of El Salvador, Mr. Fernando López, presented a draft of the General Law of Water Resources to the Legislative Assembly which aims to become a general water law that had been expected with much anticipation since for many years the Legislative Assembly had analyzed other drafts of a general water law that were not approved.

The draft of the General Law of Water Resources is not available yet, however according to the announcement made by the Legislative Assembly, the law has 164 articles, and its purpose is to assure basins care, reforestation, guaranteeing water as a human right, and establishing a national authority of water resources that would be part of the Ministry of the Environment to regulate the quality of water.

According to the information shared by the Assembly, the fundamental issues in this draft are:

1. Water as a fundamental right.

2. The State shall guarantee the right use of the resource.

3. Water will not be privatized.

The President of the Legislative Assembly informed that an Ad hoc Committee will be conformed to analyze the law in a maximum term of three months.