Despite a fall in the number of recorded deaths and injuries, recent data published by the HSE show that the construction industry continues to be the sector with the highest number of fatalities. During the period April 2009 – March 2010, whilst there were drops in the figures in comparison with previous years (eg there was an 8% decrease in injuries serious enough to keep people off work for three or more days in 2009/10 compared to 2008/09) 42 of the 152 workers fatally injured in 2009/10 period were in the construction industry. Agriculture had the next highest rate with 38 fatalities in the same period. The statistics also give an interesting overview of the Enforcement practices, with 1,033 prosecutions by the HSE and the Office of Rail Regulation during the period, 287 prosecutions local councils and 15,881 Enforcement Notices issued by all enforcing authorities. A copy of the statistics can be found at: .