The attitude construction is related to people’s feelings and survival of our Party. Since the 18th Congress, our Party has strictly implemented the 8 stipulations of the central government and continuously boosted the activity against “four customs” with unprecedented efforts and got obvious effects so far.   However, “four customs” has strong refractoriness and repeatability, especially, although it seems improved of some “four customs” problems ostensibly, actually, because of the high pressure, “four customs” has been retrofitted, hidden and transformed.Therefore, the workload to avoid rebound is still arduous.

Construction of working style is always on the road. The 6th plenary session of the 18th CPC has raised pay close attention to the new trends and performance of the unhealthy tendency to find the invisible variation of “four customs”. It shall be more restrict along the time being. Recently, based on the investigation report of typical “four customs” cases and statistics of the local, the Disciplinary Committee of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province has appointed out the various smoke screen of “four customs” so that no matter how variation of those who conducted unhealthy tendency activities, it cannot be escape from the eyes of disciplinary executors.

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