On February 16, 2015, ESMA published its annual report on its supervision of credit rating agencies and trade repositories. In the report, ESMA sets out its work plan for trade repositories for 2015. Trade repositories are authorized and supervised by ESMA under EMIR. ESMA’s 2015 work plan focuses on: (i) monitoring the action and improvement plans of trade repositories, including the data quality action plan; (ii) monitoring system operation and changes deployment; (iii) thematic reviews relating to the inter-TR reconciliation process, business continuity planning and cost relatedness of fees; (iv) trade repository’s systems software development lifecycle; (v) data availability; (vi) regulators’ access to trade repositories; and (vii) confidentiality of trade repository data.

ESMA’s report is available at:

http://www.esma.europa.eu/news/Press-Release-ESMA-publishes-annual-report-and-supervisory-focus-CRAs-and-T Rs?t=326&o=home