On November 3, 2016, the European Commission announced that 144 new green and low-carbon projects from 23 Member States will be funded by a €222.7 million investment from the European Union (EU) budget, which will be combined with €175.9 from additional investments. The funding comes from the LIFE programme, the EU’s funding body for the environment and climate action, with the goal of progressing Europe towards a more sustainable future.

The selected projects align with the EU’s objective to reduce GHG emissions and transition to a more circular economy. Examples of 2015 projects include:

  • Implementation of Biodolomer®, a fossil-free biomaterial, in place of plastic packaging for four commercial reference products; 
  • Production of biopolymers for the tanning industry using recycled biomass from the tanning process; and 
  • Incorporation of cultivated banana organic waste fibers as an additive to create bioplastic covers to protect banana treats from UV radiation.