Governor Paul LePage Has Chosen Not to Appear in Person to Deliver State of the State Address

Governor Paul LePage has announced that he has decided not to deliver a State of the State address in person before the Maine State Legislature. Instead, the Governor has stated that he will submit a State of the State address to lawmakers in writing. The Governor has not announced when the Legislature can expect to see his written address.

Attempt to Launch Impeachment Process Fails

The Maine State House of Representatives debated at length on Thursday morning and into the afternoon, before voting 96-52 to approve a motion to indefinitely postpone a proposed House order to launch an impeachment process against Governor Paul LePage. This activity delayed the start of numerous legislative committee public hearings and work sessions that were generally scheduled for a 1:00 pm start.

Maine Judiciary Committee Hears Testimony on Public Defender Bill

The Maine State Legislative Judiciary Committee heard testimony from a over a dozen Maine defense attorneys and their clients, legislators, and members of the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services on LD 1433, which proposes to supplement the existing Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services' court-appointed system with an Office of the Public Defender. The bill, introduced as a Governor's Bill last year, was carried over to this Second Regular Session.  The Judiciary Committee will continue to work on this bill in the weeks ahead. 

Ranked Choice Voting Heads to Legislature

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap has now sent to the Maine State Legislature the citizen initiative petition entitled “An Act To Establish Ranked-Choice Voting,” which was certified for receiving sufficient valid signatures.  It is now in the Legislature’s purview to enact it as submitted, or to pass it out to a statewide ballot vote.  The Legislature does not have the option to amend the language of the Act.