Highest EU Court Rejects US Bid to Intervene in Apple Case: The European Union’s Court of Justice has rejected a bid by the US government to intervene in the appeal by Apple of the European Commission’s order to pay 13 billion euros of back taxes. The European Union’s General Court ruled in December 2017 that the United States failed to establish the existence of a direct interest in the result of the case, because it did not prove that repatriation of profits from Apple’s off-shore subsidiaries would occur.

OECD Releases Updates to Results of Preferential Regime Reviews: Today the Organisation for Economic Co-ordination and Development (OECD) released updates to the results for preferential regime reviews conducted by the Forum on Harmful Tax Practices (FHTP) in connection with BEPS Action 5 (Countering Harmful Tax Practices More Effectively, Taking into Account Transparency and Substance).