The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has released the next report in the Government's series of six "Business Growth Agenda" progress reports. The Government describes the Business Growth Agenda as a programme of work aimed at building a more productive and competitive economy by increasing firms' access to six key inputs to business: Export Markets, Innovation, Safe and Skilled Workplaces, Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Capital Markets.

The latest progress report, Building Natural Resources, sets out 49 initiatives the Government is progressing across the following seven areas relating to natural resource use and management:

  • freshwater assets;
  • land and resource use;
  • biodiversity;
  • energy and minerals;
  • marine and aquaculture;
  • transitioning to a low-emissions economy; and
  • harnessing Māori resources.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce announced that the Report also includes a high-level statement of commitment by the Government, to ensure "that our environmental outcomes improve over time, while still achieving the growth needed to lift our exports to 40 per cent of GDP."

The full report can be accessed here. The progress report for the sixth work-stream, Capital Markets, will be published early next year.