The American College of Physicians is advocating that Congress permanently repeal the Sustainable Growth Rate formula. In a letter to lawmakers, the ACP detailed a three-step plan to create a “permanent solution to the endless cycle of Medicare physician payment cuts.” The ACP said the SGR is the “greatest single barrier” to a transitioning to new payment models based on the value of care provided to patients. The ACP plan would cancel the scheduled cut in Medicare physician payments and provide the Congressional authorizing committees with a policy framework that would repeal the SGR and transition to value-based payments. The second step requires the committees to engage with stakeholders and report legislation by June 30, 2013. Lastly, the plan would require Congress to enact comprehensive payment and delivery systems reform legislation by September 30, 2013. The letter outlines a potential framework for reform. The ACP framework would preserve Medicare and Medicaid payments for “undervalued primary care services” and funding for graduate medical education. It also would prevent the sequestration cuts. Additional details, include the ACP letters to the House and Senate, are available here.