Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach says he is ready to fight global warming following the recent climate change talks in Bali. As part of his plan, which is set for release in January, Stelmach foresees incentives for simple things such as washing machines that wash clothes with cold water, the use of less electricity and less water, and the use of efficient furnaces. It appears a major part of his program will involve carbon capture and storage. Stelmach said regarding CCS, "Because that, by far, is the quickest way of reducing CO2 significantly in the province of Alberta, it really is." He wants the government to help fund the building of an infrastructure and pipeline network to transport the carbon dioxide. A federal-provincial task force on CCS is expected to issue a report within a month. However, Stelmach hinted that much remains unclear about CCS, including where (geographically and geologically) to store the CO2 and how to store it safely to prevent escape into the atmosphere.