The UK Financial Conduct Authority is seeking comments on proposed guidance (amendments to the FCA’s Handbook) regarding the European Union’s Market Abuse Regulation, scheduled to be effective in Europe on July 3, 2016. The areas the FCA is seeking input on are limited because the MAR applies to the UK without the need for any implementing regulation. However, the FCA seeks input on discrete elements where it has alternative options for implementation—one involves potential delays in disclosure by an issuer of certain inside information that might be necessary to ensure investors are not misled, and one involves the public disclosure of all transactions in issuer shares or debt instruments by certain senior mangers. The FCA also seeks views on its proposed approach to amending its Handbook to conform with MAR. Comments are due by February 4, 2016. MAR—which became law in Europe in July 2014—articulates conduct that constitutes market abuse, including insider dealing and market manipulation.