On the fifth (and last) day of the Lords Report stage on the Financial Services Bill (FS Bill), the Lords discussed the exchange of information between Treasury and Bank of England, continuous payment authorities and payday lending. Parliament published a new version of the FS Bill at the end of the Report stage. The third reading took place on 5 December when, among other amendments, the Lords debated a power of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to make rules on the cost and duration of credit, and on the unenforceability of contracts where those rules are breached. This amendment was introduced in response to the concerns about payday loans raised during the Report stage. The FS Bill now enters the "ping pong" stage, where the Commons looks at the Lords amendments. This will take place on 10 December. (Source: Financial Services Bill: Lords Report Stage Day Five, Bill as Amended on Lords Report and Marshalled List of Amendments Debated in Third Reading)