On August 18, 2015, Tsai Lee & Chen representing RIMOWA GmbH (RIMOWA) won a favorable judgment for a trademark infringement dispute from the IP Court. The court issued permanent injunction orders forbidding the defendant KGT International (KGT) from using click here to view image, click here to view image or alike from selling, distributing goods bearing the same. The court also awarded the damages amount of NT 3,357,000 (about 932,500 Euros) to RIMOWA.

RIMOWA filed a civil action against KGT believing that a  word mark “Rowana” along with its outer oval circle frame as a whole as click here to view image is very similar to RIMOWA’s registered trademark, click here to view image. click here to view image had been used widely on the packages for KGT’s series of travel luggages, the same spectrum of products that RIMOWA’s business is engaging in. The court found click here to view image is infringing because click here to view image enjoys a wide-spread recognized reputation and fame within Taiwan’s territory, and the way of KGT’s use of its own registered mark as click here to view image is confusing the potential consumers of the authentic source of the products. The court granted injunctions and awarded damages to RIMOWA in this first instance judgment. The case is not final and is appealable.

The leading lawyers in this case are Victor S.C. Lee, Crystal J. Chen, and Parkson N.H. Hsu.  (For information about RIMOWA Taiwan, please see http://www.rimowa.com.tw/)