[2008] LTLPI 6.11.08  

Claimant was to undergo planned left Dupuytren’s fasciotomy with skin graft to middle and ring fingers and fasciotomy to little finger. The medical records showed that a fasciectomy was actually performed to all fingers. Claimant was discharged but not informed of follow-up arrangements. Claimant made an appointment himself, after two weeks, as dressing had foul odour. At examination, Claimant noticed flesh had started to grow over the stitches and it was difficult to move his fingers.  

Claimant alleged Defendant had been negligent in performing fasciectomy rather than fasciotomy, a procedure for which he had not consented. It was further alleged his follow-up care was inadequate. He submitted a fasciotomy would have resulted in a better outcome. Claimant suffered from reduced grip and restricted mobility of his elbow which was likely to be permanent. Defendant admitted negligent failure to send follow-up appointment but denied further allegations.  

Out of court settlement: £22,000 (estimated General Damages £12,000).