Enterprises in Beijing with dispatched employees exceeding 10% of total number of employment should report their employment adjustment schemes to relevant labor administrative authorities for filing by August 31, 2014, as required by the Filing Measures of Labor Dispatch for Enterprises (the "Filing Measures") released by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security.

An adjustment scheme for the purpose of the Filing Measures should include the follows:

  1. Employment information, such as the total number of employees, the number of direct-hired employees, the number of dispatched employees, the ratio of dispatched employees to total employees;
  2. Labor dispatch information, such as the number of local urban dispatched   employees, the number of local rural dispatched employees, the number of urban dispatched employees from other cities, the number of rural dispatched employees from other cities;
  3. Employment information regarding three categories of positions, such as the number of dispatched employees on auxiliary positions, temporary positions and substitutable positions, documents or schemes proving that the determination of auxiliary positions is discussed with labor union or employee representative assemble;

In addition, the adjustment scheme should also include the name of the labor dispatch company, the term of dispatch agreement, adjustment approach to be adopted during the coming two years, potential problems encountered in adjustment and corresponding solutions, as well as other circumstances that worth explanations.