On 5 May 2015, OFAC published new guidance on the carriage of passengers and cargo between the United States and Cuba in view of the new authorisations that OFAC issued in January of this year. The guidance clarifies that air carriers and commercial vessels may transport US nationals and residents who qualify to travel to Cuba under a general licence, third-country nationals travelling on official business for a foreign government or intergovernmental organisation, Cuban nationals seeking admission to the United States, third-country nationals travelling to the United States with a valid visa or other travel authorisation, and non-immigrant Cuban nationals returning from the United States to Cuba. Carriers also may transport passengers’ authorised accompanied baggage as well as cargo that is licenced or otherwise authorised for export to Cuba by the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). However, vessel operators must be specifically licensed by OFAC to provide carriage between the US and Cuba, and a specific licence from BIS is required for the temporary sojourn in Cuba of an aircraft or vessel coming from the United States.