On March 15, FIFA filed a Victim Statement and Request for Restitution (Statement) with the DOJ seeking a portion of the hundreds of millions of dollars that authorities could collect from the former FIFA employees who allegedly engaged in longstanding kickback and bribery schemes. In its Statement, FIFA asserts that the more than 40 defendants charged by the DOJ “grossly abused their positions of trust to enrich themselves,” thereby causing significant harm to FIFA including financial losses and damage to FIFA’s reputation. FIFA asserts that as the victim of the defendants’ crimes, it is entitled to recover restitution under the Mandatory Restitution to Victims Act, 18 U.S.C. § 3663A. FIFA estimates its losses to be at least $28 million in salaries and benefits paid to the defendants, plus $10 million misappropriated as bribes. Time will tell if FIFA ultimately is deemed to qualify for restitution under the Act.