The American Telemedicine Association released draft Guidelines for TeleICU Operations on March 28, 2014 and is seeking public comments through April 26, 2014.

Practice guidelines can serve as a useful reference point for the development of a provider’s standards of care, policies and practices regarding telemedicine and telehealth, and foundation for the deployment of telemedicine services. Standards of practice constitute the basis for uniform, quality patient care and safety, grounded in empirical research and clinical experience.

The draft Guidelines were developed to assist practitioners in providing assessment, medical intervention, continuous monitoring and/or consultation to the critical care population using telecommunication technologies. The guidelines focus on a network of audio-visual communication and computer systems for the delivery of critical care services. These interactive encounters link patients and Intensive Care Units (ICU) with remote and on site healthcare practitioners to enhance clinical practice and quality outcomes for the critically ill patient. The guidelines apply specifically to teleICU services and do not prescribe or recommend overall clinical protocols for ICU patient care. The focus is on the unique aspects of delivering collaborative care through the teleICU model.

You can submit comments on the draft guidelines on the American Telemedicine Association’s website.