On September 8, 2015, the SEC settled enforcement proceedings brought against MusclePharm Corporation (“MSLP”), a sports nutrition company. According to the SEC order, among other things, MSLP had violated Rule 302 of Regulation S-T of the Exchange Act, which requires that a signatory to an electronic filing must manually sign the signature page before or at the time the electronic filing is made, and the filer must retain the original executed document for five years. MSLP allegedly failed to receive or maintain certain manually signed signature pages over a period of several years. In settlement of the alleged violations, which included other violations in addition to the Rule 302 violations, MSLP agreed to pay a civil monetary penalty of $700,000 and retain an independent consultant for one year to enhance its internal controls. With respect to their registration statement filings, registered funds are subject to Rule 302’s signature and recordkeeping requirements.