The New York City (NYC) Council has reportedly adopted legislation that would prohibit the use of foam food containers by 2015, if city sanitation officials determine that recycling the substance is not feasible. Favored by outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the legislation—referred to as the Styrofoam ban—would include a six-month grace period, during which only warnings would be issued, as well as a hardship exemption for nonprofits and small businesses that could request a one-year renewable waiver. Bloomberg thanked the city council for approving the measure, saying “This legislation not only eliminates a product that cannot be recycled in New York City, it is a giant step forward in the City’s effort to recycle organic waste. Foam pollutes the waste stream, making it harder to recycle food waste as well as metal, glass and plastic.” See NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg News Release and Law360, December 19, 2013.