After being put in the awkward position of offering service illegally for the first half of this week, DirecTV and DISH Network breathed a sigh of relief as House and Senate members passed a second temporary extension of the 2004 Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act (SHVERA) on Wednesday. Lawmakers had allowed the direct broadcast satellite industry compulsory retransmission license to lapse on Monday. The Temporary Extension Act (TRA) grants a four-week extension of retransmission rights that were last granted to the direct broadcast satellite industry under SHVERA. The additional time should enable lawmakers to finish work on the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELA), which was introduced as part of a Senate jobs bill last month and mandates renewal of the satellite compulsory license through December 2014. Among other things, STELA would also amend the definition of an “unserved household” that is deemed eligible for the receipt of distant broadcast networks via satellite to cover digital multicast streams. Fearing that the STELA provisions would slow progress on the jobs legislation, the Senate leadership dropped STELA from the jobs bill but later added the measure to a second pending jobs bill. That bill also provides temporary extensions to unemployment, Medicare, and other programs. Owing to the objections of Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY), who protested the proposed extension of unemployment benefits, a motion for unanimous consent to the TRA was blocked last week, resulting in the expiration of SHVERA provisions on Sunday. Early on Wednesday, the deadlock was broken as Bunning abandoned his objection, enabling Senate members to pass the TRA later that day. Following on the TRA’s adoption, lawmakers must pass STELA by March 28 to avoid yet another extension.