On April 15, Freddie Mac issued Bulletin Number 2013-6, which announces numerous revisions to servicing requirements. The bulletin updates the allowable amounts for attorney fees for default-related legal services and details changes to the reimbursement process for such fees. Freddie Mac also reminds servicers about changes to foreclosure sale bidding on first lien mortgages. The bulletin explains that because Freddie Mac may need to verify directly with mortgage insurers the presence and nature of mortgage insurance coverage, servicers and sellers are required to direct mortgage insurers in writing to release data to Freddie Mac upon request. In addition, the bulletin (i) reminds servicers of the reporting activities they must undertake after extending trial periods for borrowers who subsequently file for bankruptcy during the trial period plan and provides requirements on reporting the optional interim month, (ii) revises Servicing Success Program requirements related to Servicer Success File Reviews and the Servicer Performance Profile, (iii) updates the Guide to reflect the retirement of the Freddie Mac Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives initiative, and (iv) announces other miscellaneous form and Guide updates.