This webinar covers the key opportunities and threats that have emerged following the implementation of the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

A real game changer, PSD2 brought some of the most far-reaching reforms to affect banks and financial institutions in decades.

The new regulations present the payments industry with a host of regulatory and technology challenges, but they also offer many opportunities.

Our industry-leading panel of payments experts discussed:

  • the changes that have affected payment service providers the most since PSD2 came into force, such as surcharges, monthly information requirements or reauthorisation;
  • what is coming down the track, from Brexit, third-party access, new business models emerging, the impact on instant payments, payment acceptance to GDPR and everything in between;
  • whether any of these developments have come as a surprise, such as the breadth of business models that account information service providers have developed so far; and
  • where the opportunities lie for those ready to seize them, such as new products and services being brought to market, how payments can drive market expansion, how the creation of a seamless and secure way of authenticating customers can mean getting ahead of those lagging behind (who may also become a target for fraudsters) etc.

Our webinar provides essential information for anyone involved in payments, be they in a legal, risk management, compliance, product design and operational function.

Click here to view the webinar.

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