On December 17, 2015, IOSCO published a report on the existing tools available to fund managers for liquidity management in collective investment schemes. The report, which covers the frameworks in 26 jurisdictions, provides a global view of the tools available to fund managers, particular in extreme situations, and the funds to which those tools apply, including the availability of tools in particular jurisdictions, their use and effectiveness and any system-wide implications that the tools pose. The report is part of IOSCO’s work on the collection of data about asset management activity. IOSCO is considering developing guidance on liquidity risk management that would go beyond its 2013 Principles of Liquidity Risk Management for Collective Investment Schemes, which would include stress testing.

The report is available at: https://www.iosco.org/library/pubdocs/pdf/IOSCOPD517.pdf and the Principles are available at: https://www.iosco.org/library/pubdocs/pdf/IOSCOPD405.pdf.