The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada today published proposed amendments to the Dealer Member Rules with respect to fair and reasonable pricing of over-the-counter traded securities (including fixed income securities) and trade confirmation disclosure requirements. The fair pricing proposal would cover OTC transactions for retail and institutional clients and require that Dealer Members “make a reasonable effort to obtain a price for the customer that is fair and reasonable in relation to prevailing market conditions.” The proposed rule also considers issues respecting mark-ups and mark-downs in the case of principal transactions and commissions or service charges in the case of agency transactions. A draft Guidance Note on the OTC proposal was also published.

The proposed amendments would also require disclosure of the yield to maturity for fixed income securities on trade confirmations as well as a remuneration statement on all OTC transactions for retail clients “where the amount of the mark-up or mark-down, commissions and other service charges” has not been disclosed.

IIROC is accepting comments on the proposals until July 16, 2009.