After the Executive Yuan amended Article 17 of the “Regulations Governing Investment in Securities by Overseas Chinese and Foreign Nationals” on February 11, 2014 and allowed securities firms to act as the custodian institute of overseas Chinese or foreign entities outside Taiwan, the FSC further issued a ruling on March 11, 2014 announcing its review criteria and relevant regulations.  The highlights are as below: 1. the securities firm shall concurrently engage in the brokerage, underwriting, and dealership business; 2. its CPA audited and attested financial report for the most recent period must show a net worth of NT$10 billion, and such amount must not be lower than its paid in capital, while its financial status shall meet the requirements under Article 13 of Regulations Governing Securities Firms; 3. The Capital Sufficiency Ratio of the securities firm shall not be less than 200 percent for the 6 months prior to its application; 4. The firm’s operations have not been suspended by the FSC within the most recent 6 months, and the securities firm has not been issued a warning by the FSC under Subparagraph 1, Article 66 of the Regulations Governing Securities Firms or under Paragraph 1, Article100 of the Futures Trading Act within the most recent 3 months, and any portion of the applicant's business licenses has not been revoked by the FSC within the most recent 2 years; 5. the securities firm, approved by the FSC to offer custodial services, shall deposit its customer’s funds in the banks approved by the FSC.