In the last week:

  • Sarah Wilson has spoken on key issues in general insurance regulation: she focused on the relative strengths of the insurance industry against other market participants in the current crisis. She felt changes to solvency requirements and more conservative investment strategies for the general insurance sector had helped. She also looked at TCF and highlighted PPI and unfair terms as two areas in which FSA is disappointed in the state of the market;
  • Sarah Wilson also spoke on life insurance: in this speech she looked at the capital regime and also risk management. As problem areas for TCF, she highlighted withprofits and policyholder communications; and
  • Jamie Symington spoke on enforcing the market abuse regime: he looked at current risks, including market abuse risks caused by merger and acquisition activity. He analysed the changes to short-selling measures since their original introduction. He looked at FSA's work in preventing and deterring market abuse and its initative to use its criminal prosecution powers.