In Korea National Insurance Corporation v Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty AG – Butterworths Law Direct 30.10.07 the Court of Appeal held that it was incumbent on a party responding to an application for summary judgment to put forward sufficient evidence  to satisfy the court that it had a real prospect of succeeding at trial. If it wished to rely on the likelihood that further evidence would be available at that stage, it had to substantiate that assertion by describing, at least in general terms, the nature of the evidence, its source and its relevance to the issues before the court. The court might then be able to see that there was some substance in the point and that the party in question was not simply playing for time in the hope that something would turn up. It was not sufficient, therefore, for a party simply to say that further evidence would or might be available, especially when that evidence was, or could be expected to be, already within its possession.