The Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals has issued a Code of Practice on inquiries for wind farm and similar applications, and what participating parties are expected to do.

Inquiries may be convened under the Electricity Act 1989 by the Scottish Ministers to hear certain kinds of application, for example the construction of wind farms and other electricity generating stations with a generating capacity of 50 MW or more.   The Code explains the process by which a Reporter, appointed by the Scottish Ministers, will decide upon the:

  • the format of the inquiry, whether by written submissions or through representations;
  • the information to be provided by the parties in order to assist the Reporter in conducting
  • the inquiry;
  • the holding of initial, or "pre-examination", meetings;
  • the holding of site inspections; and awarding expenses and by when applications for expenses must be made.  

The Code also provides detailed procedural rules on the more formal formats of inquiry to ensure fairness for all participating parties