Still apparently contending that supplements containing 1,3-dimtheylamylamine (DMAA ) are safe and with assurances of reimbursement from manufacturer USPLabs, General Nutrition Centers Inc. (GNC) has apparently agreed to destroy 1,500 cases of OxyElite Pro® in its Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, warehouse. The U.S. attorney’s office filed a civil lawsuit against GNC in June 2013 to seize the products. Additional information about the suit appears in Issue 5 of this Report. According to U.S. Attorney David Hickton, USPLabs has also destroyed all of the DMAA -containing products—valued at more than $8 million—in its Dallas facility and will stop producing supplements with the ingredient. Hickton also apparently indicated that 10 other supplement makers will stop using DMAA . See The New York Times, July 16, 2013; Triblive. com, July 23, 2013.