Included in the Independent Sector’s January 7 proposals to the Obama administration and Congress, the administration should expand the individual retirement account charitable rollover act, revise the excise tax on private foundations’ net investment income and pass legislation to expand the opportunities for people of all ages to engage in community service through stipend programs, voluntary paid leave and subsidies from their employers. The Sector, comprised of 600 charities, foundations and corporate philanthropy programs, made recommendations including the following: (1) ensuring adequate resources and responsible fiscal policies that support community programs; (2) ensuring that nonprofits have the capital to serve the needs of their communities; and (3) ensuring the rights of citizens to speak out through nonprofit organizations. The Independent Sector has posted a news release on its web site regarding the advisory committee and hundreds of charities and foundations with which it has worked to develop the proposals. One such proposal stipulates that government contracts with nonprofits to deliver services on the government’s behalf should cover the full cost of services, including necessary administrative overhead costs. The group would like Congress to pass legislation such as the Serve America Act (S. 3487) introduced in September 2008 to expand opportunities for people of all ages to engage in community service and would like Congress to ensure that individuals receive the same tax deductions for using their vehicles to deliver services for charitable nonprofits as they do for use of their vehicles for business purposes.