In respect of assets admitted to trading on a regulated market or traded on a non-regulated market in Luxembourg, the Central Bank of Luxembourg (CBL) is responsible to proactively assess the eligibility of the marketable assets. The eligibility assessment process only begins once the asset is issued and all the necessary documentation mentioned below is available to CBL. Eligibility of an asset cannot be confirmed prior to its issuance.

Once the assessment procedure is completed, the marketable asset will be included in the list of eligible marketable assets provided it complies with the ECB’s eligibility criteria.

The following information shall be provided to the CBL in order to facilitate the assessment procedure:

  • Letters of rating from the rating agencies,
  • Rating agencies pre-sale reports (not the rating agencies web pages),
  • Final offering circular for the transaction,
  • ISIN codes of the security, Reuters/Bloomberg page codes,
  • Confirmation of New Global Note (NGN) form. It only applies to international debt instruments in global bearer form which are issued through the ICSD’s with XS ISIN codes. The NGN requirement does not pertain to domestic securities issued through domestic CSD’s or individual bearer or global registered international securities 

The two Luxembourg Markets (EU passported market and EuroMTF market) are accepted by the ECB.

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