A new industry guide has been published on behalf of the Scotch Whisky Association aiming to help processors comply with food safety and hygiene law. The guide is  recognised by the Food Standards Agency.

The guide covers the activities carried out within businesses producing spirit drinks of more than 15% alcohol by volume and alcoholic beverages and liquors that  contain distilled spirit as an ingredient. The guide gives comprehensive information of the  principles behind hazard analysis,  details current legal requirements, how to comply with the  legislation and practical advice on good practice.

The use of the guide is voluntary and there is no legal requirement for food businesses to follow  the advice contained in it. Indeed, businesses may demonstrate compliance with the hygiene  legislation in other ways. However, as the guide is recognised by the Food Standards Agency and will be taken into account when assessing compliance with the legislation, businesses are advised to consider its contents.

A full copy of the guide is available at http://tinyurl.com/ lbp2vzm.