On July 3, 2015, Taiwan Intellectual Property Office designated Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei (MUST) as the single window of royalty fees payment for public performances by computer karaoke units for public welfare purposes on behalf of three copyright collective management organizations, MUST, Music Copyright Association of Taiwan (MCAT) and Music Copyright Intermediary Society of Taiwan (TMCS), in accordance with Copyright Collective Management Organization Act, and set the joint use royalty rates as follows: (1) NT$6,300 (tax exclusive) per unit per annum of such use for cultural, educational or other public welfare purposes; (2) NT$3,150 per unit per annum of such use for public welfare purposes which involve no profit-making.  After collecting the joint use royalty fees, MUST may within its discretion deduct a 2% management fee and distribute the balance to the aforementioned collective management organizations at the ratio of 5:3:2.  This decision took effect for three years beginning August 1, 2015.