The Technical Preservation Services (“TPS”) office of the National Park Service just announced the release of a revised Historic Preservation Certification Application (“Application”), including improved, fillable PDF application forms and fee payment system implementation.

With respect to Application information, applicants must now state whether or not they are the fee-simple owner of the property and if they are not, must attach a written statement from the owner stating that the owner has no objection to the Application.  In addition, applicants are requested to include an email address to be used for new electronic invoicing and payment. Email addresses will be used only for billing purposes.  All certification decisions will continue to be delivered to applicants in hard copy by mail. Certification Applications submitted using previous versions of the forms will not be accepted in State Historic Preservation Offices after May 15, 2014.

Further, the revised Application forms are now provided in more fully electronic fillable and savable PDF forms. For example, the narrative text boxes on the Part 1 and Part 2 expand to accommodate all text.  Applicants must attach the TPS-provided cover sheet to each section bearing the applicant’s original signature. Applicants and consultants may, however, continue to use their own versions of the narrative pages.

According to Brian D. Goeken, Chief of TPS, “the new, more fully-functional version of the form will be easier to use, and the new electronic payment system will allow for faster payment processing.”

As of May 16, TPS will no long accept credit card payments for Application fees. Instead all Certification Application review fees must be paid through the system. Upon receipt of a Part 2 or Part 3 application, TPS will generate an invoice which will be emailed (if provided) or mailed to applicants.  Invoices will not be faxed. 

The revised Application forms may be found here.