On July 7, 2017, Governor Kasich signed Senate Bill 2 (SB 2), which addresses Ohio’s authority under several environmental regulatory programs. Notable provisions of SB 2 include:

• Expanding Ohio EPA’s authority to take actions to abate contamination at locations where hazardous waste was disposed of to include locations where solid waste and construction and demolition debris (C&DD) was disposed of; • Establishing requirements governing processing facilities under the C&DD program, including permitting and licensing programs for processing facilities; • Amending 401 Water Quality Certification processes and requiring Ohio EPA to adopt rules governing the certification of water quality professionals; • Excluding blast furnace slag and steel slag from the definition of “industrial waste” and “other waste” under Ohio’s water pollution law; and • Adding two members to the Ohio Lake Erie Commission and establishing new duties for the Commission.

The new law will take effect 90 days after it is filed with the Ohio Secretary of State.