Masimo Corporation v. Philips Electronic North America Corporation, et al., C.A. Nos. 09-80-LPS- MPT; 11-742-LPS-MPT, December 1, 2015

Stark, C. J.  Claim construction opinion issues regarding ten terms from four patents.  A Markman hearing took place on October 2, 2015

The disputed technology relates to devices and methods. The following terms were considered:

  1. “based upon said physiological signal, determining at least two possible indication of said physiological parameter based on at least two alternative calculations for said physiological parameter” and related terms
  2. “said scan”
  3. “determine a resulting indication that likely most closely correlates to the physiological parameter”
  4. “a selection module responsive to the result of said scan to identify at least one resulting indication as representative of said physiological parameter”
  5. “a processor configured to perform a method comprising …selecting one of the plurality of possible oxygen saturation values as an oxygen saturation measurement based upon an analysis to determine which of the plurality of possible oxygen saturation values corresponds to the oxygen saturation of the pulsing blood”
  6. “determination of confidence in the accuracy of physiological signals”
  7. “adjustably smooth the plurality of values”
  8. “speed up the adjustable smoothing”
  9. “slow down the adjustable smoothing”
  10. “concentration”