arliament resolved yesterday, 4 March 2015, to approve HM Government's proposed introduction of "enhanced" court fees. According to section 1 of the Civil Proceedings and Family Proceedings Fees (Amendment) Order 2015, the new regime will take effect from Monday 9 March 2015. The new fees have been put in place pursuant to section 180 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, which allows for the prescription of fees over and above actual costs.

All money claims over £10,000 brought in civil or family proceedings will be affected by the changes. The court fee will be 5 per cent of the claim amount, capped at a maximum fee of £10,000. This means that the maximum fee payable will rise from the current level of £1,920 to £10,000 for all claims of £200,000 and above. A 10 per cent discount is offered on all money claims made online. A claim can be made online if it is for less than £100,000.

Non-money claims such as actions for possession, declaratory or injunctive relief will not be affected by the changes, nor will insolvency proceedings.

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