It is estimated that fraudulent activity is costing the UK economy £73 billion annually. The effect of organised and opportunistic fraud has been well publicised in many sectors of the economy over the past decade. Many will be familiar with the unsavoury behaviours of those engaged in "cash for crash" scams and ghost broking - but it is becoming abundantly clear that fraudsters are equally busy targeting not for profit organisations.

There have been a number of high profile criminal investigations in recent months involving trustees and charity volunteers, among others. Is your organisation doing enough to identify when it is at risk of attack by fraudsters? And after a fraud has been uncovered, are the right investigations being undertaken to maximise the likelihood of funds being recovered? And what of achieving a successful criminal conviction, either by the Police or by a Private Prosecution?

Our inaugural Tackling Fraud Together conference is taking place on Thursday 27 June. It will offer you the opportunity to observe, and perhaps, participate in a mock private prosecution trial and take part in round table discussions on a variety of subjects facilitated by Mills & Reeve and fraud industry specialists. Delegates will be attending from a number of diverse public and private sector organisations, so it will provide you with opportunity to observe and learn how fraud is being identified and tackled in other industries and sections of the economy.