On July 15, Shang Fulin, Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission ("CBRC") stated that in recent years, the loans granting to the small and micro enterprises were more and more reasonable, and the loan availability was further improved at the same time of achieving for four consecutive years the target that the growth rate of loans granting to small enterprises is not lower than the overall loan growth rate and the increase is not lower than the previous year. According to incomplete statistics, from January to May this year, the loan obtaining rate of small and micro enterprises has been up to 85.71%. Shang stated that the banking industry has initially established the diversified and multi-level organizational system to serve the small and micro enterprises. The primary branches have widely equipped with special teams and resources to serve the small and micro enterprises and explored actively the specialized organization mode. At present, there are more than 100 banks nationwide established specialized organization of different forms and established 876 village banks. The financing guarantee companies actively played the role of credit enhancement based on regulation and rectification. By the end of 2012, the financing guarantee loan balance of China was RMB 1.46 trn and guarantee loans were granted to about 247,000 accounts.