Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai has reportedly invested up to $200 million for research and development in a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotech startup devoted to developing the next generation of cancer treatments. Called H3 Biomedicine, the startup “will benefit from access to many of Eisai’s drug development capabilities, allowing H3 Biomedicine to focus on first-in class drug discovery innovation,” according to a joint press release.

Under the leadership of scientific founders Stuart Schreiber and Todd Golub, both of whom have reportedly transformed medical research, H3 Biomedicine will approach oncology treatment research on the basis of two fundamental principles: “the genetics of patients’ cancers can reveal drug targets tailored to their cancers,” and “the advances in modern chemistry enable the discovery of new classes of safe and effective drugs against these targets.” According to the companies, the Eisai affiliation “will enable H3 Biomedicine to take a longer-term view of its drug discovery activities than is typical of many venture-backed start-up companies.” See Eisai/H3 Biomedicine Press Release, January 27, 2011.