Successful franchises need customers, and repeat customers make for a long and prosperous business model. While research disagrees on the percentage of users on each social media platform and the amount of time spent online, it is undisputed that people are using the Internet and social media in an unprecedented manner. The explosive growth of online interaction gives business owners a great market to network with their clients.

While the world of LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, texting and the like may seem overwhelming and daunting, it is an excellent opportunity to reach your customers in their own environment. Social media centers around user interest, and clients create bonds with others that have similar views, ideals and objectives. Why not utilize this opportunity to add a personal touch to your business with an existing or prospective customer?  An effective social media agenda that maintains the brand and targets those interested in your product can only increase your presence in the market. However, be careful as complacency toward your use of social media may backfire if you fail to consistently interact with customers and maintain updated information.

Whether you utilize one or all of the above media, reach out to your customers where they are comfortable and let social media work for you. Does your franchise need to use social media? Absolutely.