In Douglas v. Ad Astra Info. Sys. LLC, a software company in Kansas sponsored an off-site social event at an amusement facility that included go-cart racing. Employees were allegedly told that the event was wholly voluntary, and employees could either attend, or stay at the office and continue to work. At the event, employees were divided into teams to compete for prizes. During the go-cart race, Douglas swerved to avoid a collision, crashed into a barrier and was thrown from the vehicle. He sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured rib and injury to a lung that required surgery. When Douglas sought workers' compensation for his injuries, the employer argued that workers' compensation should not cover a voluntary recreational event. Douglas claimed that he felt pressured to attend since his only other option was to stay back and continue to work. The Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the employer may be liable under such facts. Note that California employers are required to post a notice that workers' compensation does not cover voluntary recreational or social events. Further, employers should not pressure employees into participating in such events.