The Supreme Administrative Court reduced the fine imposed on Suomen Hiusyrittäjät ry, a branch association for Finnish hairdressers (“Association”), to EUR 15.000 for recommending prices for the services provided by the members of the Association between 2000 and 2006. In 2007, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (“FCCA”) proposed to the Market Court that a fine of EUR 33.000 be imposed on the Association. According to the FCCA, the Association had published handouts and press releases to the members of the Association that included prohibited recommendations to raise the prices of hairdressing services with a certain percentage. In 2009, the Market Court accepted the FCCA’s proposal and imposed a fine of EUR 33.000 on the Association. The Association lodged an appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court which reduced the fine first to EUR 20,000 as it considered this as sufficient fine amount for the infringement. The Supreme Administrative Court further reduced the penalty payment with EUR 5,000 due to a delay in the proceedings, the total fine thus amounts to EUR 15,000. Source: The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s Press Release 20/6/2013