Robert Wilson was a scout leader who broke his back sliding down a fireman’s pole whilst taking his scout troop around an assault course.

He claims £200,000 compensation from the owner of the course.

Robert Wilson fractured a vertebrae after landing at the bottom of the 10 foot pole at Clyne Farm Centres challenge valley assault course near Swansea in August 2009. He needed intensive surgery to treat his broken back and his work as a taxi driver has been seriously curbed by his injuries.

Liability is denied.

The Claimant says that he was not properly instructed on how to descend the pole and that he had expressed concerns about the pole but an instructor had reassured him that he would be fine.

The Defence has suggested that Mr Wilson had failed to heed clear instructions to hold on tight with his arms and legs when descending the pole.

They said that Mr Wilson had deliberately chosen not to use the nearby ladder which would have ensured a safe descent as he had wanted to be seen to be “joining in” with the rest of the scouts.

Outcome awaited.