The Report on the Group of Twenty (G20) National Innovation Competitiveness Development (2013-2014) was released on 19 November 2014 jointly by the Social Sciences Academic Press of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), the Management World Magazine of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and Fujian Normal University in China.

The report measures the national innovation competitiveness of nineteen G20 economies (excluding European Union) during 2011-2012 based on their performance in five major areas, namely, innovation foundation, innovation environment, innovation input, innovation output and innovation sustainability.

According to the report, the innovation competitiveness of the rated G20 countries saw general decline in year 2011-2012, as most of the countries are still under the influence of the global financial crisis. Only 5 countries got higher scores than previous year, among which China attained the biggest increase of 2.5 against the average change of -0.5. This was believed to be a result of China's generous input into relevant R&D and talent development over recent years in implementing the nation's innovation-driven strategies.

The ranking of the G20 countries in terms of national innovation competitiveness in year 2011-2012 is as follows: 

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