Last week, we noted that the FCC was planning for today a webinar on channel-sharing issues in connection with its incentive auction. That same article also summarized the FCC’s decision modifying the rules for channel sharing. Yesterday, the FCC announced that the webinar has been postponed until August 13, presumably so that the FCC staff conducting the webinar can incorporate any decisions made at the FCC’s August 6 meeting, where the details for the procedures for the conduct of the incentive auction will be set.

Also, yesterday, the FCC announced the comment deadlines for its rulemaking dealing with post-auction channel sharing. In our summary of the channel sharing order, we noted that the FCC is now proposing to allow channel sharing after the incentive auction has concluded, presumably as the recent decision allowed channel sharing agreements of limited duration, so TV operators could be looking for new channel sharing partners after some of these limited-time deals expire. Comments are due August 13, and replies are to be filed by August 28.