On January 8th, the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee held public hearings on LD 138, An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Issuance of Bonds that Have Been Ratified by the Citizens of the State, and LD 904, An Act to Clarify When Bonds May Be Issued. Both bills are concept drafts that propose regulating the issuance of bonds that have been approved by the voters. Both bills appear to be a reaction to Governor LePage’s previous refusal to issue authorized bonds until the State’s debt to Maine hospitals was repaid. The Governor has since released the bonds in question and this issue is not as immediate as it once was. In addition to the respective sponsors of these bills, the State Treasurer, Neria Douglass, testified on these proposals. While taking no position on these bills, the Treasurer did caution the Committee to avoid eliminating all discretion on the issuance of bonds. She explained that the State does save money by delaying issuance until a project is ready to start. Work sessions on both bills will be held today, January 10th.