Regulations have been made to amend the content requirements of annual returns under the Companies Act 2006. The changes come into force on 1 October 2011 and apply in relation to annual returns made up to that date or a later date. The amendments relax the requirements in relation to the disclosure of shareholder details:  

  • companies whose shares are not traded on a "relevant market" (which is defined and includes AIM and OFEX, in addition to all regulated markets) will continue to be required to disclose the name of every person who was a member of the company at any time during the return period;
  • companies whose shares have been traded on a relevant market but which are not subject to DTR 5 must disclose the names and addresses of every person who held 5% or more of the issued shares of any class of the company at any time during the return period; and
  • companies subject to DTR 5, that is both listed and UK AIM companies, will not be required to disclose any shareholder details.

The Companies Act 2006 (Annual Returns) Regulation 2011 and explanatory memorandum are available at